A Sonic Crossover Story...

An Untitled Sonic Crossover Story

It was a fairly normal day for most residents of Earth. The skies were blue, the oceans were peaceful, and the best of all, there wasn’t any threat threatening the safety of the world – something that occurred somewhat often here. Clich├ęd as it may seem, this was all thanks to the efforts of one person of keeping the peace of the planet – well, more like hedgehog to be precise. His name was Sonic the Hedgehog, known as the blue blur and crowned savior of the world multiple times. He did not do it alone though, thanks to his many friends he found during his many adventures and travels. He considered himself to be vagabond – never staying in one area for long and always traveling, or in his words, running.

Predictably, Sonic was running in a random forest enjoying the winds passing his quills and the speed of which he traveled at. Many people always questioned why he loved to run so much. Though if they were “put into his shoes”, they would most likely enjoy it and understand his reasoning. Running at these high speeds would open up the world in a new perspective. But alas, Sonic was just wondering about his latest victory from the mad scientist Dr. Ivo Robotnik better known as Eggman. As many could recount, Eggman tried on many occasions to take over the world or enslave the populace only to be thwarted by Sonic’s efforts. He became a bit softer over the years though, with (arguably) less heinous plans, yet he denied claims of this. Of course, he may just be wizening up.

A few days back, Sonic foiled Eggman’s plot to enslave the Wisps (and in turn, Earth) and take their planets using his Amusement Park as a ruse. Like every time, Eggman’s plans were thwarted and the Wisps returned to their “freed” home planet. Eggman had thankfully not been spotted in this time-period, but knowing him, he would soon concoct another plan. Therefore, Sonic wondered of how his little friends were faring back at their peaceful homeland but, his thoughts quickly turned to something else when he noticed a fairly large crater in the ground.

“What’s this?” said Sonic to himself as he quickly decelerated to a complete stop. He began to walk to the crater in a defensive stance just in case if a hostile entity were to engage him in combat. After reaching about two feet away from the crater, Sonic sensed something dart away from him and quickly swerved.

“Is anyone there!?” Sonic yelled to no avail.

“Hmm… Must be my imagination… Or maybe not. This does always happen in stories before somebody is attack—“ thought Sonic before being interrupted from a sound emanating from the crater. He quickly swerved around to the crater and noticed a faint white glow exiting from it. He backed away in caution as the glow became brighter and brighter.

“Oh man, not this type of thing,” said Sonic knowing that he faced a similar issue before. The glow became so bright to the point that he to cover his eyes. Just as the glow grew, an explosion was heard and the light immediately dissipated.

“WOAH!” Sonic exclaimed as he jumped at the sound of the explosion. A few seconds later, he observed that the ground was cracking up – like something was coming out. Pieces of earth were being pulled into the “former” center of the crater, as if it was being fed.