Saturday, December 18, 2010

MMOs... What Do We Look For?

Greetings guys and gals! Here is my promised (small) blog posting for today - this time on one of my favorite topics - MMOs.

As many of you (or not have heard), MMOs are Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games. Some of us have favorites, and some of us have our hated ones. But as par human nature, none of us agree on which ones we like - not to mention the raging flame-wars on multiple sites. In fact, it is common knowledge that someone will complain about an update somewhere, and the problem gets worse as the fanbase grows in size - the conflict being either against other factions of the fandom or against the developer. It is frustrating, but we must put up with it or… snark at them ;).

But, today's topic isn't about the fanbase's massive issues (well... it will be on another day). Today’s topic will be on, what do you look for in MMOs? What draws you to specific MMOs? What features do you want? What about the playerbase and game content? The EXP or skill system? All those things and more will be covering in the following days.

Enough of that though. Considering the broad scope of the topic, I will be mostly covering what I usually look for in MMOs, and somewhat of other people’s ideas. For example, I especially like MMOs with a friendly but tight-knit community. Of course, this can be offset if there are MANY players but a less tight knit community. I personally like communities where there are enough people to guide newbies forward to become productive players.

The next topic to be covered in detail in this series will be on the EXP system and whether it should be capped or not and my ideas/solutions to their problems. Of course, send me suggestions on how to handle this matter and please, be honest on me. I’m still getting used to hijinks involved in this matter of trade. So, most of these postings will be quips into my mindset involving MMOs. As always, please send a comment or suggestion and remember to stay in touch!

Have a great day folks!


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