Monday, December 27, 2010

My Thoughts on Bubble Tanks 3 (Flash)

Greetings once again folks to “Delvarian’s Assorted Stuff”! I hope you all had a great Christmas holiday. I apologize for no topics being available for the last two days and my general inactiveness. I was busy spending time with relatives and friends for Christmas. But without further to do, it is time for today’s topic. To clarify, today’s topic is about my impressions on the recently released flash game of Bubble Tanks 3 by Hero Interactive. So sit tight folks and enjoy the article!

Bubble Tanks is a series of (currently) three games released by Hero Interactive. In each game, you control a tank made out of bubbles (with the WASD Keys or Arrow Keys). Your objective is to explore other large bubbles (AKA the levels) and defeat all the other enemy bubbles by using your bubble gun (use mouse to aim and fire). If enough bubbles are collected, then the bubble size will grow and more weapons will be available for use. But be warned, if the tank is hit, the number of bubbles acquired will decrease and can even lead to the tank leveling down. The same system applies to the enemies (starting with 2). The system was altered slightly in the second game, with the addition of an evolutionary tree. With this evolutionary tree, a player could specify how they wanted their tank to function as: a mighty glacier, glass cannon, or a combination of the two. The system was further altered with the third game where, a player could use the evolutionary tree, use one of the pre-made player tanks, or create and customize your own tank. This customizable tank system was taken from Bubble Tanks Arenas – a spin-off game focusing more on arena combat than on exploration.

Of course, the system is balanced so that an infinite amount of guns can’t be used or a small tank could have a huge unrealistic number of guns. The number of guns that can be applied to a bubble tank is limited by number of GP which is determined by level and tank base size. The greater the base size, the more GP is available for usage – at the cost of a slower moving tank. However, these limits aren’t as strenuous as they seem. One could build many different kinds of tanks using the tank editor thanks to the large array of usable weapons and normal bubbles. In fact, the same system can be applied to make unique enemies for others to see. From what I have observed, the player has the option of using player and enemy tanks from the base database, the saved computer data, or from other players – leading to one play-through of the game being very different from another. Heck, if a player finishes the game, he or she has the alternative of using the “New Game Plus” option to begin a new game with their previous ended game’s customized tank – a nice way of promoting the replayability value.

Like every game, this game still has its “bumps” and downsides. First off, (as of the time writing of this article) no music had been playing in the background of the game. In the previous two games, the music did play leading to a jarring effect in the third. Of course, this may be due to the “Efficiency Mode” being on. A minor quip I have with this game is no “multiplayer” of sorts. In other words, having the ability to play directly with other players (P2P or through server) as opposed to using the blue-prints of the tanks from other players. I still love the game due to its improved features, but it can still use some improvements. But, the game has gone a long way since its humble beginnings in Bubble Tanks 1. To put it bluntly, from my impressions, this game is a good step up from the previous game. There are still some technical issues with lag and the like needed to be ironed out – but the folks at Hero Interactive are working hard to fix them. Moreover, with the player packs being released per week, more stuff will be available to those who love the game so much that they are willing to spend some cash. I give this game, 8 out of 10 bubbles! Try if out at “”.

That’s it for today’s topic folks. Remember to try the game out if you want to experience what I talked about first-hand. As the tropers at TvTropes would say, this is “better than it sounds”. In addition, remember to keep in mind that your mileage may vary on how good the game is – as always. I respect you decision on the matter. Comments, suggestions, and corrections are always appreciated! Spread the word out of this blog to your family and friends! But, anyways, I hope you all have a great Monday. This is Delvarian for “Delvarian’s Assorted Stuff” signing off for today!

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